The Gang Ball Stretcher
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The Gang Ball Stretcher
Cock Ring Stretcher

TG8672  -  $69.00

The pain is real but oh so titillating!

I started to cry while having my shaft stroked.

Radical penis stretching, penis control, slave training and cock torture all wrapped up in one brutally amazing stainless steel package. Just hanging out? Get ready for this locking cock ring sleeve to latch on and not let go. Looking for some added length? The Gang features over two pounds of anchor chain and a stainless steel weight. Wear it to work and know that your cock will carry that weight all day long. Going commando will be a new and fearsome undertaking. For most men, The Gang will be used and is designed to be used as a ball stretcher, and a ball stretcher extraordinaire it is. This is heavy duty gear made to last for years of use. The Gang is an investment in having those gorgeous hanging balls you have dreamed of. The pleasure induced from using this device is startling and, if you are able to use the 1.5” ring as a cock ring,       you are in for double the pleasure. Cock ring is ¾” wide.

  • Item #: TG8672

The Gang Ball Stretcher

Price: $69.00
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