The Chute
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The Chute  TC3677  $55.00

*First timers take note

Ride’Em Cowboy or, in this case, never get your horse out of The Chute. Sad, but true, some cocks are not meant to be used. They need to be kept away and set free only on very special occasions. The Chute is a very unique male chastity cage that is both simple and functional at the same time elegant. At 3.8” long, most flaccid cocks will fit and stay put. The tapered end of The Chute is about 1.3” wide. Small cocks might never see the light of day, but larger ones might pop out for a bit of fresh air. Keep in mind that larger shafts can add a head ring (there are many to choose from at the Cock Ring Corner section of if the thought of any escape is unbearable. With a stainless steel construction, this design uses a rounded solid cock ring that is available in three sizes.

*A special note to first time male chastity users: I have found The Chute to be one of the easiest cages to use. It fits on fast with no fuss and offers complete security. Those attributes make this a great cage for any chastity man, but it is absolutely perfect for first time user in particular. 


Small 1.5” Cock Ring

Medium 2.00” Cock Ring

Large 3.00” Cock Ring

  • Item #: TC3677

The Chute

Price: $55.00
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