Ass Spark Entourage
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The Ass Spark Entourage is another new entry in our line of anal penetration male chastity cages. This design offers more shaft room for increased growth but, of course, no penis stimulation. One of the things I love about this cage is that it can handle even the smallest penis. In fact, when a tiny shaft is securely inside this rather long cage; it appears so small that it is a form of complete humiliation. For those of you who tend to get erections while wearing your cock cage, the Entourage gives you the room to become almost completely erect, which is a special type of torture all its own. Add in the deep anal penetration and you not only have an effective male chastity device but you have a raging excitement factory! 1.2” ball and 5” shaft cage.

  • Size: Small 1.5", Medium 1.75", Large .2.00"
  • Item #: ASE6973

Ass Spark Entourage

Price: $49.00
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