Ass Spark Destroyer
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Yes, it is hard to walk around with a huge dildo up your ass or even keep one in there while you are having sex. The Ass Spark Destroyer is the answer to your dreams. Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this cock ring combo anal plug ass lock is made for nonstop action. The large metal ball will get the juices flowing if you are man enough and able to take it all in. Once in place, the design does not allow it to pop out, instead, holding it in securely in place. The Ass Spark Destroyer will work with all the suits that use the single and double Ass Spark units. Ass Spark users all agree on one thing and that is how much the Ass Sparks add to the intensity of their sexual experiences.


Ball Width 1.8"

Cock Ring size 1.8"

  • Item #: ASD3692

Ass Spark Destroyer

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