Acrylic Ball Crusher
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Acrylic Ball Crusher

ABC88 - $48.00

If you
really want to get the excitement that crushing your balls can give to you,
then look no further than the Acrylic Ball Crusher from Not only
are you getting the chance of a lifetime to experience what crushing your balls
can do for you, but you are also getting the chance to experience sexual
pleasure never dreamt of before. Now you can have fun with oral, masturbation,
or a sex and fun hand job from someone special in a way that really drives you


Small 1.75"X 1.25"

Medium 2.00"X 1.5"

Large 2.25"X 1.75"


Enjoying My Acrylic Ball Crusher

I have been
crushing my balls for as long as I can remember, but have only recently found
these Acrylic ball crushers. I have spent countless years trying to find unique
ways of crushing my balls in order to feel that painful orgasmic release that I
feel when I accomplish something like this, but finding ball crushers online to
do all of this for me is absolutely perfect. The best thing is that once you
put one of these on, they aren't going to loosen up or completely fall apart
before you want them to.

I have been
able to set my ball crusher to the exact amount of pressure that I feel is
needed and not have to worry about anything else. I can lay back and enjoy the
crushing sensation that flows through my body and know that I can stay like
that for as long as I want to. It’s the whole peace of mind thing that comes
from items like this that make them so great to own and use.

The best
thing is that I don’t have to pay anyone to crush my balls for me anymore. You
would be amazed at how much money I have been able to save over the years by
having a ball crusher of my own. I only wish that I would have been able to
find something like this a lot sooner in my life. I have spent years trying to
figure out different ways of doing something that this rather well priced item
can do for me, and that makes me very happy. In fact, with the money that I
have saved since buying my first ball crusher, I was able to go on a little
vacation to a nudist beach. Of course, I took my crusher with me.




  • Item #: ABC88

Acrylic Ball Crusher

Price: $48.00
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